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About Sikka Group

With a dream in eyes and a wish in heart to transform this world into a luxurious place, Sikka Group was initiated in 1986. It was a small team of committed and dedicated professionals who started the group and now we have transformed into a giant game changer. All the projects that we have worked are the speakers themselves.

Sikka Karmic Greens has a robust management team running self-governingtrades, though supplementing each other in cases of occasions of miscellaneous land use. Our mission is to shape a top-notch real estate expansioncorporation with the maximum standards of competence, integrities and customer service and to thusunderwrite to and advantage from the evolution of the Indian economy. We are Specialists working with the goal of providing tailored& precise real estate assistance (in association with the state-of-the-art FDI strategies of Indian Government) to overseas investors &originators, residents/transnationals&communal who are attentive in participating money in India or those who have previously established their presence but looking for extension or rearrangement.

Foraying into dissimilarsections of building constructions, SikkaKarnam Greens has schemes under groupings like Commercial, Residential, Farmhouse and Township. Reclining in the magnificence of finesse and superiority, we believe in unremittingcommitment to ouraccountabilities towards the civilization and viewpoint for opportunities to transform the real estate market in Delhi/NCR region through ourincomparable designs and immaculateconstructions.

Real estate is a booming industry in India and is bourgeoning rapidly, boosted by strong mandate drivers and momentousconversions such as deregulation of the sector, cumulative transparency and competence, better-quality product and service criterions etc.

In spite of development in real estate business, like in any evolving sector, the Indian market also has its own portion of jeopardies and steeplechases. In such a multifaceted real estate market, we support occupiers, designers, investors and stockholders, by constructing& delivering custom-made real estate and substructure solutions.

As the Indian real estate marketplacegrowths towards extraordinary growth and essentialorganisationaldeviations, we will show an ever livelier role, with anattention on generatingfinancial efficiencies, encouraging international best performs and subsidising to market development.

At Sikka Group, our squad is committed to aid you meet your property needs. Our knowledgeable minds put at work will treasure you something that turns your obligation to the premium detail. Given a chance and we will promise you that you will neither look back nor go somewhere else for your speculation needs. Having functioned with best MNC's functioning in India, we try to retain things modest and strong from the first point of contact.

SikkaKarnam greens is one such group that is continually considering fulfilling the dreams of common people. Indulged into the projects which are meant to transform the Indian economy, we are known to deliver the results which depicts our success story itself.